Welcome to IOMLIBS

Welcome to the International Online Meeting on Laser Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy (IOMLIBS), from July 2020. 


We are pleased to invite you to the 1st International Online Meeting on Laser-Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy (IOM-LIBS) which will be presented live from 6 to 8 July 2020. 


The IOM-LIBS seeks to bring together scientists working on LIBS to discuss recent research and applications. IOM-LIBS will take place for three days (6-8 July), just two hours per day in order to connect simultaneously participants from different regions of the world: 14-16 h UTC. 


About us

The world is unlikely to be the same again after the coronavirus pandemic in near future. Scientific communication built from research and experimentation will be forced to redesign their communication processes. Many international organizations are already working on this new reality that we are going to have to face. For this reason and taking into account that one of the most efficient ways in which scientists can share their research, propose new projects, interact and generate new ideas, are conferences, meetings, workshops, symposia, etc. All these activities that have traditionally been carried out with the help of a large number of scientists from all over the world in person at a common/physical platform. But under the present circumstances, it does not seem possible that these activities will take place in the same way in the coming years.

Motivated by the need to continue these activities in this new situation, we wish to invite you to participate in this innovative experience, “International Online Meeting on LIBS (IOMLIBS)”. This first meeting will be experimental and therefore limited to a few participants (exclusive participation by invitation), as we intend to verify the capabilities of the platforms that we are implementing so that in the near future (before the end of the year) we can organize a larger event. For these reasons, this meeting aspires to be a first meeting point for the development of new methodologies that allow us to organize real meetings in the environment of online communication.

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For general attendee information write us to iomlibs@gmail.com


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